Faith in a better future, FSC® Certification

Faith in a better future, FSC® Certification | Intertan SA


Intertan S.A., a leading import company of disposable food packaging products, we are proud to be the first Greek company that created a complete line of ecological disposable packaging products, TESSERA Bio Products®. Recyclable and environmentally friendly products, that contribute to the protection of the environment in the global effort to save the planet.

This effort was the driving force for us in Intertan S.A., to obtain the FSC® CHAIN OF CUSTODY (Forest Stewardship Council) certification (TAH-COC-004486).COC-004486), on 2/2/2021.

Faith in a better future, FSC® Certification | Intertan SA


But what is the FSC® certification and why is it so important? The non-governmental, non-profit organization, Forest Stewardship Council® was established to promote best practices for the sound, friendly and acceptable management of the planet’s resources. Thus, its certification ensures that products bearing its mark respect forests, the environment, society and the economy. At the same time, it proves that raw materials follow good management practices at all stages: from collection and processing to the delivery of the final product to the consumer.

Thus, it is proven in practice that our company, Intertan S.A. fully meets both its commitment to the protection of the environment and the responsible use of natural resources, also the growing desire of our customers for certified pulp and wood products.


It is well known that forests are threatened all over the world. That is we in Intertan S.A. are committed once again to do what is possible on our part to protect them. And FSC® certification is just the beginning. We even encourage our customers who wish to be informed in more detail about the certification, to contact their sales representative or to call the line 2221063329.

Now the food, catering and tourism professional has one more reason to choose the unique, ecological TESSERA Bio Products®. You.

FSC® certified products can also be found in the product catalog of the TESSERA Bio Products® brand.