INTERTAN S.A. consolidates its position in international markets

INTERTAN S.A. consolidates its position in international markets | Intertan S.A.
The leading Greek company of food and beverage packaging consumables INTERTAN S.A. proudly announces its presence in yet another international exhibition, “Hotel, Restaurant & Catering” (H.R.C), which will be held in London during the three days of 21-23 March 2022.

For more than 86 years, H.R.C has been at the very forefront of hospitality innovation, welcoming thousands of visitors each year to discover and sample the latest products from the best suppliers in the market.

In a truly milestone year for the company, as it marks 100 years since its foundation, INTERTAN S.A. is poised to present to the exhibition’s audience its renewed codex, which is always meticulously selected after thorough research and with respect to the environment in accordance with the needs of the market.

Already in 2015, with the launch of the TESSERA Bio Products® range, the company “introduced” disposable packaging products to the market, which gradually proved to be a golden panacea for replacing once and for all plastic in disposable products.

As an indication of the successful progress made by INTERTAN S.A. abroad, the company will be proudly sponsoring the “International Salon Culinaire”, one of the renowned world’s leading cooking competitions for more than a century. The competition is dedicated to chefs and will be conducted live at the London Fairgrounds during the special three-day event.

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