INTERTAN S.A. in Birmingham for the “Packaging Innovations” exhibition

INTERTAN S.A. in Birmingham for the "Packaging Innovations" exhibition | Intertan S.A.
We are ready to showcase the “future” of packaging at the industry’s most important exhibition. An exhibition that will be hosted in Birmingham from 25 to 26 May 2022 and which will be a “meeting point” for the new trends and technologies that will define future investments in the packaging sector.

This exhibition is the largest annual event that connects buyers and experts with suppliers, new materials, tools and expertise to discover the new trends that will shape the future of packaging.

We are waiting for you at booth K14, where every visitor will come into contact with sustainable solutions of TESSERA Bio Products®, the “green” range of Intertan S.A., which is the Greek leader in the packaging industry.

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A century of perpetual action and success

One hundred years passed, since Taniskidis family has begun an exciting journey, full of goals, creation and success. 2022 is, thus, a major milestone in the history of Intertan S.A.. Driving force of the company in this course has always been the never-ending desire...


How do custom packaging products affect your sales? The presentation of the end product is very important as it can potentially be the element that will make your corporate identity well – known and raise the value of your brand in the market. Until recently, tailor –...

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