Ways to “win” the impressions of customers who choose delivery

Ways to "win" the impressions of customers who choose delivery | Intertan S.A.
Think about how many times you’ve gotten your hands on a sandwich that “sticks out” of its bag, or a utensil whose lid doesn’t “snap” as it should.

So, whether you already offer home delivery or are now entering the delivery service, it’s important to choose food packaging that will “transport” each meal in the best possible condition, as if you were serving it on the spot.

Make sure that you choose consumable packaging products that “win” impressions for the quality of the materials and their suitability, to such an extent that customers always come back to you!

For fruit salads, stews and any other liquid food, choose the Statione Wagon range of the Tani® series, available in 4 different sizes. These are rectangular utensils that guarantee a flawless appearance and safety of the food during its transport to the customer. At the same time, you can combine them with a transparent PP lid to present the contents before the customer even needs to open the utensil. Alternatively, it is offered with a lid in the same kraft shade as the utensil, which gives a perfectly natural look and gives the feeling of total protection of the food.

Rely on the packaging you choose for safe and quality food transport. When the utensil is larger than the portion size you are offering, how will it ultimately appear to the customer if it “moves” from side to side and stains the packaging? Will it look attractive?

Leave no margin for error and choose the size that suits the meal and the quantity you are offering. Study carefully the dimensions required by each meal on your menu. The Statione Wagon range of the Tani® range is available for portions with capacities of 500,600,750 and 1000ml, while at the same time your choice of transparent or kraft lid fits all sizes!

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