World Tiger Day: We also did an act of love for the ecosystem, we adopted a tiger!

Wildlife is in danger.

Impressive, imperious, majestic, independent, but at the same time threatened with extinction; the tiger has declined in population by about 95% in the last 100 years. The reasons are many and all irrational, most illegal and certainly harmful to the entire ecosystem of the planet: poaching, logging, trade, climate change, fear and prejudice are just some of those that cost lives and classify the haughty feline as of our animal kingdom.

World Tiger Day: We also did an act of love for the ecosystem, we adopted a tiger! | Intertan SA

Unfortunately, only 3,900 tigers live free in the wild.

What can we do;

We at Intertan S.A. have welcomed another member of our family. A tiger! On World Tiger Day, which is celebrated every year on July 29 with the aim of promoting a global system for its protection, we are proud because we have adopted a tiger through the non-profit organization WWF. Thus, we contribute to its work by covering part of the expenses for the needs of the action for its rescue. This initiative is part of the general framework of the ecological philosophy that we advocate, mainly through the series of ecological disposable products TESSERA Bio Products®. This philosophy is nothing more than always acting with the protection of the environment in mind. To try to do something good for our home, that is, our planet. Finally, to offer products that do not burden nature. That is why, as far as nature is concerned, we take it “personally”.

It does not matter what we say, but what we do. That determines who we are.

The chain of life offers balance.

It is true: everything around us, visible or invisible, interacts and is interdependent as in the typical example with the links of a chain. If one is missing, the chain is destroyed. Tigers, like any living thing in nature, help maintain the balance of the ecosystem. Thus, by protecting them, we are essentially protecting the environment. Because they reduce the number of herbivores, which if disproportionately increases, then will cause incalculable damage to the soil and flora of the planet.

So we wish you the next World Tiger Day, in 2022, to find this majestic feline more numerous and no longer in danger of extinction.

Adopt a tiger today.